Galaxies of Women

Galaxies of Women

In the quiet of dawn, she rises, unyielding,

A force of nature, fiercely revealing,

Her strength, her wisdom, her boundless might,

In her, the universe finds its guiding light.


Against the whispers of doubt, she stands tall,

Breaking barriers, she heeds no call

But her own, a symphony of defiance,

Her spirit unbroken, her heart a reliance.


For she knows in her soul, she's a force to behold,

A warrior, a nurturer, a story untold,

In every step, in every stride,

She shatters limitations, she takes in her pride.


To those who dare say she cannot dare,

She laughs in the face of their hollow glare,

For she knows her worth, her power, her might,

She's the fire that ignites the darkest night.


So let us rise, sisters, hand in hand,

Embrace our power, our truth, our stand,

For in unity, in sisterhood's grace,

We'll conquer the world, in every space.


Let's break the chains, let's set us free,

Embrace the truth of what could be,

For women are stronger, wiser, and more,

Than the tales of limitation, of yore.


Together, we'll rewrite history's page,

With courage, with love, with righteous rage,

Empowering ourselves, empowering all,

For the rise of women, the world will enthrall.

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