Phoenix Rising: A Feminist Journey

Phoenix Rising: A Feminist Journey

In the depths of night, she wept alone,

Silent tears, her heart turned to stone.

Broken promises, shattered dreams,

In the labyrinth of pain, nothing gleams.


From whispered insults to unspoken fears,

She carried burdens, for years and years.

Denied her voice, silenced by rage,

Trapped in a world that never turned the page.


But in the darkest hour, she found her strength,

Embraced her scars, reclaimed her length.

With each heartbreak, a lesson learned,

Her spirit ignited, her fire burned.


Rising from ashes, she dared to dream,

A symphony of hope in every scream.

For she is a warrior, fierce and bold,

In her heart, a story waiting to be told.


With sisterhood as her guiding light,

She dances through darkness, fearless in flight.

In love and solidarity, she finds her grace,

A beacon of light in the darkest place.


So let the world hear her roar,

For she is a force, forever more.

In the tapestry of life, she shines above,

A testament to the power of self-love.

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